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When a production facility has problems with its equipment, facilities, or processes, the bottom line suffers. Costs increase, worker safety can be compromised, and production output can decrease. In some cases, the problem requires help from a person with specialized knowledge in a single area. In some cases the problems are complicated and require a multidisciplinary approach to solve them.  Production Managers, Facility Managers, and Industrial Hygienists are required to have a working knowledge of a wide variety of topics but may need additional support with complicated systems or difficult problems. When the problems involve mechanical systems, involving a mechanical engineer early in the process can facilitate and accelerate the solution.

Keith D. Robinson, P.E. is a Professional Engineer providing mechanical engineering services to help support the operations of manufacturing and production facilities. With over 25 years of mechanical engineering experience working with manufacturing and production facilities, Keith D. Robinson, P.E. has a wealth of knowledge to apply to your particular problem. While based in Colorado Springs, CO, Keith Robinson is registered in seven states: Alaska, Colorado, Illinois, Missouri, North Carolina, Oklahoma and Texas. If your project requires registration in other states, I will pursue registration in other states.

Specialties:Dust Collection Systems, Dust Hazard Analysis, Industrial Ventilation Systems, Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) Systems, Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), Duct and Piping system modeling and analysis, Fluid System design and analysis, Heat Transfer, Feasibility and Pre-Feasibility Studies.


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